April 5, 2016

Residential Design Gallery


Twisted Branch Design Creations

Barn Board Bird House Wall Piece     Barn Board Sconcs     Barn Board Sign     Barn Board Sign 2

Night Stand with Drawers    Table     Barn Board Table Runner


Custom Window Coverings

Cornice Board_Stationary Panels_Cell     Natrual     Roller Shade No Cassette

TDBU Cell     Owen Scarf with Medallions     Sliding Panels

Barn Board Cornice Close Up 3     Barn Board Cornice     Barn Board Headboard

Contemporary Custom Wood Cornice Board     Cornice Board 2     Cornice Board Bay Window

Custom Wood Cornice Board     Owen Ascot Valance     Owen Fold Valance

Mock Roman 2     Sorenta     Swag Valance with Buttons

Custom Wood Cornice Contemporary 2     Custom Wood Cornice Contemporary 4     Custom Wood Cornice Contemporary 5

Solar     Wood Cornice Board with Sliding Panels     Solar Shade .

Solar Shade 2     Soft Combo     Soft and Roller

Solar Shade 4    Woven Wood TDBU     Woven Woods TBDU 2     Shutters

Swag 2    Swag 3     Solar roller dual set up     Cornice and Roller Soler

Woven Woods     Woven Wood     Swag

Ascot Valance 1     Ascot Valance 3     Fabric Cornce Board 1

Fabric Cornice 2     Fabric Cornice 3     Swag 4

Cornice and Roller Soler          Roller 2     Seat Cushion 2     Seat Cushion

Sorenta 2     Sorenta 1

Shangri La 1     Cornice Board 2     Swag 4

Cornice Roller 2     Cornice Roller     Paladian and cell

Palladian Set Up 1     Palladian Set Up 3


Design Boards

Design Board 5     Design Board_Walkowski     Design Board_Golz 1

Desgn Board_Golz 2


Before & Afters


Before     Before 3     Before 2


After 1     After 3     After 4

After 6     After 2


Closet Design:

Cellular Shade and Seat Cushion     Closet 1      Closet 2      Closet 3

Closet 4      Closet 5    Closet 6      Closet 7